Terms and Conditions

This price quotation will be honoured for 30 days from the day it was sent. If project deadlines change, a rush processing fee may apply.

All services quotes are based on an hourly rate of $60.00 +tax with the amount quoted as an estimation of the hours we believe are required to complete the project.

All estimates may vary +/-10%. Additionally, any deviation from original project scope as described in the overview in this document may result in a change in price. Should this occur, the Client will be made aware of change as soon as possible. Any alterations by the Client of project specifications may result in price changes. All additional costs exceeding the original estimate will be quoted to and approved by the Client before costs are incurred.

If there is a gap of more than 60 days from the last communication from the Client on a project, the amount of work completed to date (as determined by Take Root Creative) will be billed.

For all printed products, once a project is approved by the Client (email, verbal or otherwise), Take Root Creative is not liable for any errors or omissions in the final product.

Before you confirm your agreement to these terms, please make sure you understand all of the above agreement. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please contact us before advising us of acceptance. By approving this quote (by email, verbal or otherwise), you consent to the terms of this contract on behalf of yourself, and/or your organization or business.