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It’s all about the visual

With the changes in the Facebook newsfeed and the increasing popularity of visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr it is more important than ever to have visual content on your [...]

B2B Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing, businesses are quickly discovering that you don’t have to be in a B2C situation to effectively add to your bottom line. The benefits of having your [...]

5 Books to Read in April

Our local Uxbridge Public Library is a great resource for small businesses. There are books for everything you could imagine including the start-up phase (writing a business plan) to marketing [...]

Twitter Dictionary

Do you have a Twitter account but find that it looks like code versus readable messages? Read through our Twitter dictionary below for information on what these things mean and how you can use [...]

Facebook Page Terms

By now you are probably using Facebook for your business. You may be posting regularly, sharing photos and running contests. But have you read the terms of agreements for Facebook Pages? The [...]

Twitter Header

You may have received an email from Twitter telling you that you now have this space on you Twitter profile where you can design a “header” and are wondering what that means exactly. [...]

Uxbridge Studio Tour

If you follow Uxbridge Studio Tour on Facebook, you have seen the “teaser” photos featuring many of the artists you will see this weekend. Pick up your free guide from a store in town [...]

The Comic Sans Song

If you live in Uxbridge (or even if you don’t), by now you have hopefully seen Leah Daniels fabulous new music video for One Night. Be sure to check it out. On a typography note, here is an [...]

Fun things for mid-week!

It is Wednesday night so only two more days until the weekend! Here are a few fun things to keep your creative mind fresh until then. Vintage Desktop/iPhone/iPad Backgrounds Want to change up [...]

Mini Entrepreneurs

It always warms my heart when I hear about kids who are already at a young age showing interest in running their own business. For a client of mine it was her nieces who said that they wanted to [...]

New Year Resolutions

There is something very refreshing about starting a new year when you own a small business. It’s the anticipation of what the year will bring and the opportunity to set new goals. It can [...]

We’ve Moved!

It’s been a little while since the last blog post, but many exciting things are happening here at Take Root Creative. Firstly, we have re-located to Uxbridge, ON and are so excited to be [...]

Halloween Cards

Do you remember this art class technique? Take crayons and colour over a piece a paper. Then paint over the paper with black poster paint. Once it has dried completely, use a pointy object to [...]